Report of the SOGP Election Commission meeting held on 3rd May 2019 at SOGP Secretariat in JPMC, Karachi. Present: Professor Aftab Munir Professor Khairunissa Nazim Memon Professor Fauzia Parveen Associate Prof Rahat Qureshi The Election Commission had a meeting on 3rd May 2019. The Commission members reviewed all documents of SOGP Constitution and the e-voting procedure and system development. The Commission has reached the conclusion that for the current election due to be held on the 4th May 2019 using the e-voting system is not ready to be implemented. Commission believes that a greater level of confidence in the e-voting system has to be developed before it can be used. Furthermore, after due diligence this system can be implemented for future elections. In the Commission view the current elections should be held according to the previous system of paper based balloting. The date of election should be deferred until all logistics are in place to allow the voting process to be conducted smoothly. Senior life members of SOGP should be included in the balloting process and all life members should themselves contact the SOGP Secretariat to ensure their personal data should be updated. This includes mobile numbers; official address which are in use are notified and registered. The Commission decided that all SOGP life members of one year standing irrespective of their current country of residence, presence or absence of Diploma/Postgrad degree can cast their vote in the elections. Endorsed by all members of Election Commission.